Gimme 5 Sake One
(photo: the good brother Sake 1)

For this first session of ‘Gimme 5!’ we have the Bay Area’s own DJ extraordinaire, community organizer, man of the people, my big brother, and all-around good dude Sake 1 joining us to get down with the get-down.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….our inaugural run of The Fives….

Top 5 SF Nightlife Moments
1. DJ STEF (RIP) told me she was at tha Palladeum one night in 1980 or 1981 and tha DJ played “Give it To Me Baby” by Rick James but it sounded like a remix or edited version so she went over to tha DJ booth to ask tha DJ what it was and Rick James was standing on top of tha DJ booth singing live. I wasn’t there obviously but I still gotta make shit #1
2. 15 years old shooting pool with Cindy from En Vogue and Dwayne Wiggins from Tony! Toni! Tone! at Mr. Fives, tha greatest party in SF history
3. San Quinn album release at Justice League when J Rich got shot in tha head 3 feet away from me and I left tha party with blood and brain matter all over my clothes (RIP J Rich) Not a good memory but a strong one
4. Cream of Beat, best hip-hop party in Bay Area history
5. My first DJ set after this got damn quarantine!!!

Top 5 Things Young Sake Would Get Into As A Yute
1. Tagging
2. Boosting
3. Making mixtapes for girls I was too scared to actually talk to
4. Skating (very badly)
5. Drinking 40s and 64s of malt liquor (sad face)

Top 5 Things About Being A DJ
1. Getting paid to immerse yourself in music (!!)
2. Getting paid to immerse other people in music
3. Traveling the world to play music
4. Getting dope music before tha rest of tha world gets it
5. Working with musicians and helping them become star

Top 5 Nicknames You’ve Earned Over The Years
1. People think I’m an asshole so although no one says it to my face I am sure ASSHOLE is probably #1
2. Hot Steffer by Matthew Africa RIP
3. Tha nickname my mom gave me which I will never ever ever EVERRR tell
4. Weezy Moe (everyone from Fillmoe gets a MOE as part of they name at some point in they life)
5. Unetra (adoption of Sake Uno), given to me by Duer1 TDK

Top 5 Bay Area Slang Words
1. Hella (a word tha whole world uses now)
2. Hyphy (also a world tha whole world knows)
3. Blood (I often have to moderate my very regular usage of this word when I travel to LA and other places)
4. Tuna or Can (real Fillmoe slang)
5. “It’s up” meaning you bout to get yo ass beat

Top 5 Spots To Post Up And Take In The Sights and Sounds Of The City
1. Bernal Hill RIP Alex Nieto
2. Edge of Treasure Island next to/under east span of Bay Bridge
3. Yerba Buena Island (numerous spots)
4. Grizzly Peak (Tilden Park, Berkeley)
5. Twin Peaks

Top 5 Cars You’ve Photographed In The City
1. Any of unc Roberto Hernandez’s cars
2. 1988 Monte Carlo SS
3. 72 Chevelle SS with tha gold candy paint (don’t know owner)
4. Tha pickup full of brake discs at House of Brakes on 24th and South Van Ness
5. My first car, sky blue 1988 Ford Grenada

Top 5 Things About Mission Culture
Not a native of tha Mission so probably not qualified to speak, but as a resident I appreciate:
1. Tha way culture is largely oriented around tha street, rather than businesses or homes
2. Tha resistance which is deep rooted here because so many here come from liberation struggles in Latin and Central America, its very normal to talk to an old lady who has an FMLN bracelet or tshirt on
3. Tha weather, its usually sunny and ALWAYS 3-5 degrees warmer than tha rest of SF
4. There is more mural/graffiti/public art here than in any other neighborhood on tha planet
5. Tha food, naturally

Top 5 Things About Being Everyone’s Dad
1. Tha love I get from all my children all over tha world
2. Coming home from work and having one of my children get my slippers and evening newspaper for me
3. Tha adoption process itself, which I have grown to love after adopting over 5,000 children
4. I get so many presents on Father’s Day!!!!
5. Knowing my legacy is intact (sarcasm font)

Top 5 Electronic Communication Devices Of All-Time
1. Motorola Timeport
2. OG Nextel Sprint chirp flip phones mainly because they was so sturdy you could use them as a weapon
3. T-Mobile Sidekick 1
4. Blackberry
5. Palm Pilot (Dope Wars games use to be LITTT)

Top 5 Reasons To Not Check Your Voicemail
1. BC Who cares
2. Anyone who leaves me a voice mail obvs doesnt know me very well so how important could it be
3. Usually its bad news
4. Major Anxiety, NOS
5. Because its probably another Top 5 prompt from Uncle Abe

Top 5 Bay Area Anthems That You’d Play If Aliens Arrived And Said “BLEEP BLOOP BLEEP BLOOP…PUT ME UP ON GAME, BLOOD…BLEEP BLOOP”
1. San Quinn, “Shock the Party”
2. Cellski “Livin in tha Bay”
3. Young Ed, “Everyday Thang”
4. The Team, “Hyphy Juice” Remix
5. “10K” Bosslife Big Spence

Top 5 Organizations Doing Great Things In SF That People Should Pay Attention To And Support
1. Coalition on Homelessness
3. Grocery Outlet
5. CFD

Top 5 Niner Gang Alumni Of All-Time
1. Ronnie Lott
2. Keena Turner
3. Jessie Sapolu
4. Steve Young
5. Jerry Rice

Top 5 Giants Of All-Time
1. Willie Mays
2. Barry Bonds
3. Tim Lincecum
4. Willie McCovey
5. Chili Davis

Top 5 Best Things About Mom and Pops
1. They care about other people as much as they care about themselves
2. Open minded
3. They come get me when I get arrested (usually)
4. Good conversationalists
5. Optimistic

Top 5 Late-Night Grub Spots
1. My house
2. Yo bitch house
3. Yo bitch bitch house
4. New Karibbean City
5. Grubsteak

Top 5 Non-Vampire Hours Grub Spots
1. Butcher’s Son
2. Golden Lotus
3. Tadich Grill
4. Shan Dong
5. Parents house

Top 5 Tightest Things About Being Outside
1. Sunshine
2. Moonlight
3. Good Times
4. Boogie
5. x

Top 5 Sneakers
1. Jordan 3 Black Cement
2. Jordan 1 Bred
3. White Chuck Taylor high tops
4. Forgot tha model name but tha tan colored Adidas in tha 90s that had tha interchangeable color sock liners — IF ANYONE REMEMBERS THA MODEL PLEASE HOLLA I DEF WANNA TRY TO TRACK DOWN A PAIR
5. Nike Air Darwin

Top 5 Things You’re Most Appreciative For
1. Ancestors & Angels
2. Tha health and safety of my family
3. San Francisco
4. Resistance
5. Abraham Beltran

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