*taps mic*


Is this thing on?


Okay, good.

I’m here to let you know The Sound Pantry Radio Network has officially taken to the skies.

We are building out the network as (initially) a quartet of shows that will bring smiles down different aisles:

  • Visiting with Uncle Abe
    • Visiting with Uncle Abe takes us into the wonderful world of The Deacon of Speakin’ as he introduces us to the diverse people, places, events, and explorations that ultimately help him fill up his happiness pie chart…one slice at a time.
  • Comida Crew
    • Comida Crew is a car ride that you don’t want to end…where the car is freshly washed, the gas tank is full, and we’re visiting friends, family, and our favorite establishments to deep dive into dining experiences that bring forth emotions and memories way beyond just what’s in front of us on the plate.
  • No Late Fees
    • Every Friday night my Dad used to take me to R&T Video Masters to pick out one movie and one video game that would hold us over for the entire weekend. So in that same tradition, every episode we’ll be checking out one movie, one video game, and trying not to spill too much popcorn on the couch.
  • TSP Radio (Spotify Only)
    • TSP Radio is a weekly ride into 2 hours of music (sometimes more) carefully assembled by yours truly. A regular collection of heat designed to make you move in your seat!

Just think of The Sound Pantry Radio Network like the sun spinning high above you in the sky, and you’re the person that just rolled up to the beach with your cooler full of ice cold drinks ready to drink in all these rays.

Except unlike the sun you can enjoy this shine at any hour of the day AND you don’t need to moisturize before you drink in these soundwaves (unless you want to…in which case you must be a fly individual).

Wherever you may be and however you may be listening to these shows on our network, please know that I appreciate you.

Welcome to The Sound Pantry Radio Network.

You don’t need a watch to know what time it is.

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