(photo: Uncle Richard)

Cecilia and I were chilling watching comedy on YouTube just now and came across this hilarious story from comedian Barry Brewer about how he unknowingly went on a date with a dude that he met while playing basketball.

The best part of watching this was that Cil was CRACKING UP because she’s firsthand seen me get picked up by dudes and watched me unknowingly give the wrong impression because I’m just a generally nice dude, I’m always down to make new friends, and I’ll get way deep into a conversation with a dude before I realize that we are on two completely different pages of the same book when it come to our intentions.

Then there are the times where we’ve been out at an event or a festival, she’ll see a dude hollering at me, and then she’ll hilariously fade away to let mans spit game at me while I ever-so-politely keep the conversation going…all the while trying to not be rude by saying “sorry, man, I’m married” and trying to avoid explaining that said marriage involves a comedian of a woman who’s currently standing 15 feet away rooting for this guy to close the sale.

These are the difficulties that come with being a full-figured gentleman with ambiguously multi-ethnic good looks. And the struggles of having a wife that is always up for laughs while having no problem putting her honey out in a forest full of bears.

But it’s all good.

I’m beyond comfortable with my sexuality, man. And I happily embrace whatever may come with this life of looking like a full-figured Richard Grieco.

Even if it means giving accidentally giving nice dudes with good taste the wrong idea and inadvertently wasting their time.

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