I love dance music, man.

Let me rewind…more specifically, I love DANCING. Since I was a little dude. Can’t get enough of it. My parents had VHS tapes full of me bussin’ a move at like 3 years old at all kinds of random events (shouts to Rent-a-Center for letting those memories get recorded in the first place via the camcorder that we would borrow for certain important events).

I mean it’s so bad that when Cil and I would go out to the club and she would get tired after like 3 hours on the dancefloor I’d be getting mad at her like “BABES WHY DIDN’T YOU WEAR YOUR FRESH SNEAKERS, MAN?! THEN YOUR FEET WOULDN’T BE TIRED!” at which point she’d roll her eyes and go grab a mojito and a seat with one of her girlfriends.

I don’t know what all that has to do with this song, but I guess if we were in non-Covid times and this came on in the club I’d be losing my shit dancing around like I was floating in outer space and Cil would be on Facebook changing her relationship status to “IT’S COMPLICATED”.

We may not be in the club, but if you’ve got at least 4 feet of space around you then I suggest you put this on your good speakers and get to movin’!!

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