GIMME FIVE: SUN, 1/17/21

Okie dokie, here are my Fives for Sunday:

  • “Friends” up until the gang goes to the paleontology convention in Barbados. Like the comedic beats are pretty enjoyable throughout the show and then they get to the resort and Rachel likes Joey and Joey finally finds out and then they finally get together but then the writers fumble all their interactions together and it’s just awkward as hell and then you zoom out to see what’s going on with the other friends and nothing else interesting is really going on and even Mike getting back with Phoebe is kinda whatevs and dammit I was beginning to love Hank Azaria doing a modified version of his Professor Frink character from “The Simpsons” with his failed scientist character and then the poor bastard is about to propose to Phoebe and then OUT OF NOWHERE MIKE SHOWS UP DRESSED LIKE HE JUST CAME FROM PLAYING BEER PONG TO SWEEP PHOEBE OFF HER FEET AND PROPOSE TO HER…LIKE WHAT IF SHE SAID NO AND HE HAD TO GO BACK TO THE AIRPORT, WAIT FOR A RETURN FLIGHT, AND THEN GO BACK TO HIS WEALTHY PARENTS TO LISTEN TO THEIR “I TOLD YOU SOs”? Anyways, guess it’s time to find another show to jump too. Probably just going to lock in and continue through S3 E20 of Bob’s Burgers.
(photo: Hank Azaria basically playing a modified version of Professor Frink)
  • BCD Tofu House being able to deliver bibimbap and Galbi to our crib…when it comes to being on-point with packaging and including all the elements of a meal in a multi-container bag setup, NO ONE is topping the Koreans, man. You should SEE how tight the package was when it arrived yesterday. We popped the tape off and both said “COTDAMN!” when we saw how efficiently everything was all packed in there.
(photo: I was so hyped to eat my bibimbap that I forgot to take a picture, so here’s a generic photo of BCD’s beef bibimbap)
  • Speaking of bibimbap, the joy of having basically a mountain of vegetables on top of rice mixed up with gochujang the day after eating Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust is like a magical reset elixir. And water. Dammit, man, I don’t thing I’m going to have Stuffed Crust again for another 10 years.
  • Finishing our container of chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s….sometimes I have to have a thing and get sick of it to then know “okay, we won’t be bringing those back into the crib anymore”
  • DUDE, OUR ELLIPTICAL TRAINER JUST ARRIVED LIKE AN HOUR AGO! I did like 5 days of research before landing on the Sole E25 elliptical being the one for us, but I’m pretty damn excited about this new chapter. I can walk down to the garage, do my thing with the Bluetooth speaker on, maybe do a little boxing, and then come right back upstairs to shower. Plus who the hell wants to go back in the gym with the threat of Covid in the air….fuhhhhhque ALL of THAT 👏😂

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