Man, what a day. Here are today’s Fives…hope y’all had a smooth Tuesday, and tomorrow we get to say goodbye to The Orange once and for all:

  • Yoshinoya beef bowls….we had beef gyudon all over Tokyo and Osaka when Cil and I were out there Thanksgiving 2017, and Yosh’s quality is spot-on and identical, mayne. For like $5 you’re getting a top-flight product. And you walk in and your food is ready in like 5 minutes. Unfadeable, mayne…
(photo: the beef gyudon at Sukiya in Shibuya City, Tokyo…believe me when I tell you Yoshinoya here at home is just as good, mayne!!)
  • The fact that my hair is so long I can rock a headband now…Cil’s been clowning “OOH BABES ARE YOU GOING INTO FULL RICHARD GRIECO MODE NOW?” and cotdammit you know what MAYBE I AM, CIL…MAYBE I AM (and just a little bit longer, I’ll be able to go full Carlos Vela mode…let’s keep it rolling)
(photo: look at that beautiful hair…it’s like the first time I heard Mos Def’s first album)
  • Crocs…I just went to mail a laptop, get gas at Costco, pick up some eggs + pecan halves for Cil, then scoop Yosh all in my Crocs, basketball shorts, and a hoodie…I was like a comfort ninja making the rounds, and my Crocs held me down PLUS I didn’t have to dirty up a pair of socks for like an hour-long mission which means that I also showed love to the environment
  • Our Honeywell humidifier…(did I shout this out yesterday? oh well, I’m still mad appreciative for it today)…it’s windy and dry as hell outside right now, but in my living room it feels like I’m back in the Philippines with all this wonderful humidity
  • The Complex Sneakers Podcast…I’ve always loved sneakers, but this year is the year I feel like I really dove back deeply into my love for shoes…and it’s not about the most popular shit nor whatever the new stuff is, but for me it’s more about the history and the stories of all the folks who have been in the game loving shoes just like me for all these years…and this podcast has it all for me, so I’m happy to be making my way through these episodes right now
  • Podcasts in general…when I land on a good one with a cast + conversation flow that I dig, it feels like I’m in the room hanging with my homies…some of my recent favorites are SmartLess (Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes), All The Smoke (Matt Barnes + Stephen Jackson), Bodega Boys (OF COURSE), Questlove Supreme, Completely Unnecessary Podcast (video game history + news), and Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

And this doesn’t have anything to do with the Fives today, but since it’s our last day with this bozo in office let’s go ahead and turn the speakers all the way up on this one more time:

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