A couple of points to get us started:

  • Marvin Gaye was one of the flyest motherfuckers on the planet even if he had never recorded this video.
  • In one of the smoothest unintentional flexes ever, this man is creating magic and directing the band WHILE LYING DOWN ON A COUCH and still sounds better than every other singer OH YEAH AND HE ALSO IS WEARING AN OUTFIT THAT WOULD HAVE HIM EFFORTLESSLY STUNTING ON HYPEBEASTS HERE TODAY IN 2021
  • How many times have I watched this video? How about this…Cil and I have been watching the “Pretend Like It’s A City” multi-part doc on Netflix with Fran Lebowitz over the last couple of days and earlier today I was working on the computer while Cil continued one of the episodes without me, and Fran got to talking about the magic that musicians can make and then outta NOWHERE the doc inserts this clip while Fran does a voiceover about how no one can captivate an audience like a masterful musician…but the point here is that like 5 SECONDS INTO THE VIDEO WITH MY BACK TURNED AND ME NOT EVEN SEEING WHAT WAS ON THE SCREEN I YELL AT CIL “BABES IS THAT MARVIN ON THE COUCH?” and she’s like “WHAT THE FUHHHH?!? HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!” That’s how many times I’ve watched this video and how much this video means to me.

Okay, enough talk…now let’s move…peep the greatness that is Marvin, man:

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