GIMME FIVE: WED, 1/20/21


Here are the 5 things I’m most thankful for today:

  • Being able to work from home. There’s nothing like it, man. Zero commute, all my stuff is here, my fly battlestation set-up, and the ability to throw in a load of laundry in the middle of the work day is such a joy
  • Having a skincare routine…with all this time spent inside due to Covid, there have been times when I’ve skipped my nightly wash-toner-moisturize routine and then the next day my face is feeling like a cotdamn baseball glove left in the sun…and what’s a trip is that when I get back on my routine, the little cotton round that I use to put on the toner comes out hella dirty and I’m thinking “damn, all THAT was on there?” Then I throw on the face lotion and I can FEEL my face drinking that in like a dehydrated traveller that’s been stuck out in the desert for 5 days with no water. Peace to the good folks at Neutrogena and Cetaphil.
  • Speaking of skin health, the days that I get close to my 1-gallon water goal. It’s nuts how much in our body relies on drinking enough water, man…but since we’re 70% water, it makes sense why one can feel so completely OFF when you’re lacking the one thing that keeps the rocketship moving. Yesterday I think I barely touched like 60 ounces, but today I’m about to clip my 80-ounce mark and then refill in like an hour and keep mashing on the hydration to hit that gallon before bed later tonight.
  • Since we’re doing all the old man stuff here, today I’m thankful for fiber, man. I haven’t been on my psyllium game for a while, but I know how much better I feel when I’m on-point with my psyllium, so I’m either going to get back on my raw psyllium with pineapple juice blend or go a little less hard body and just rock with Metamucil and water (which is less raw psyllium but may be more than enough since I think I was damn near ODing on psyllium when I was putting down like 3 tablespoons a night of that raw haha)
  • HAVING A PRESIDENT THAT CAN ARTICULATE AND IS LOOKING TO GET PEOPLE TAKEN CARE OF. Man, I don’t think it’s fully set in yet, but today has been this weird day of feeling stunned like “IS IT REALLY OVER?” and I’ve been so happy to read online all the things that the Biden-Harris team is already looking to reset and reconnect as we look to get back online as a country that knows how to carry itself with respect and kindness on the world stage. In the timeless words of Juelz Santana at the start of the first verse of our national anthem: TODAY’S A NEW DAY!!!!

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