One of my favorite things to do in the summer is hang out at Cil’s parent’s crib in the backyard while Cil’s Momma waters her plants and sings along to love ballads playing loudly on her Costco Block Rocker speaker. It’ll just be me and her out there for hours, and it’s both one of my favorite pastimes and one of the things that I most look forward to once we’ve all been vaccinated.

Anyways, this song popped up on one of our last backyard sessions, and when I first heard this I was sitting on the patio couch with the O_O face because this song is so damn smooth. Also when the chorus comes back around and the music changes up there’s just something super sweet and Burt Bacharach-like that hits me square in the special place where only the best music has the ability to hit you.

(BONUS POINTS: I swear Ric Segreto looks like Cil’s older brother Miguel, and everyone in the family swears that I’m trippin’, but I know they just don’t have the sharp eye that I do for this sort of thing)

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