GIMME FIVE: FRI, 1/22/21

I just ate like 5 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I just started watching “Brockmire” so I’m on a good one right now. Okay, let’s get into today’s Fives:

  • The joy in my nephews’ faces as I walked them through setting up their new badass gaming computer that we paid for half and the 16-year-old paid the other half for…I left them still waiting for Starcraft 2 and Hearts of Stone to download but maaan tomorrow once we get everything finally set up they are gonna be LOVIN life
  • Little Coyote pizza. Don’t even need to pick a specific item there that I love because every single thing on their menu is unfadeable.
  • Ricolas. I prolly had like 6 of them today but they’re helping battle this dry ass air
  • My Nike Jordan 1 SBB 1.0s. These being my first pair of Jordans ever, I love how this shoe hugs the foot, and the colorway may be my favorite colorway of any shoe I’ve ever owned.
  • These Champion sweats…in the most Montebello of moves, I bought like 3 pairs of these like a year ago but never wore them because I was “saving them” (for what, I have no idea). Anyways I was talking to my guy Big B and then thought “dude live your life” and decided to break out the sweats and my SBBs even though it was just to go to Costco. Every day is a blessing, man…might as well break out the nice sweats and get fly.

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