This song was on 2Pac’s “Better Dayz” compilation that was released in 2002 (6 years after his passing), but then for some reason the song was pulled from the album I imagine because they didn’t have clearance on the Donald Byrd “Wind Parade” sample that is oh so beautiful. Also the version that was on the original album release had The Outlaws handling the 2nd and 3rd verses instead of this version (which I enjoy way more) that has AMG on the 2nd verse and DJ Quik on the 3rd verse (and of course on production).

As you probably know by now, Quik is THE GREATEST hip-hop producer in my personal record book of music fandom, and the fact that he was able to find + pair this perfect Donald Byrd sample with Pac’s energetic vocals makes me a little sad when I think of what they could have done together had they had enough time to come together for a full album. And for what it’s worth, this song IS titled “Late Night” and I HAVE found that it is at least 46% more enjoyable when listened to on headphones in the dark during the late night hours.

However, what DOES make me happy is knowing that Quik did the mixdowns on that entire “All Eyez On Me” album (my favorite album of all-time) even if Suge jerked him out of his full production and mixing credits (because Suge is the devil). I’ve talked to other music heads who agree that the entire album is one of the greatest engineered/mixed albums–not just hip-hop but ALL genres–albums of all-time just because of how cotdamn CLEAN everything sounds, so well spaced-out, and the sound just envelops you when you listen to the album on good quality speakers or headphones. So although we never got a full Pac + Quik album, we still have the best Pac album brought to the highest levels of crisptivity (a word I just invented, please email me for permission to use in your own publications) thanks to the one and only David Marvin Blake aka The Quiksta.

(photo: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…THANK YOU QUIK)

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