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Someone on Reddit a few months back said that E-40 sounds like he’s rapping in bubble letters, and that may be one of the most accurate descriptions of any rapper that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Fonzarelli is an all-time great, and this joint is always so smooth no matter how many times […]

VISITING WITH UNCLE ABE || Episode 0001: An Introduction

As we launch The Sound Pantry Radio Network here with this inaugural episode of our flagship show, I wanted to commemorate the start of this journey by first introducing myself and sharing the significance of what all has gone down in this past year that led to my launching this network in the first place. […]


*taps mic* Hello? Is this thing on? Yes? Okay, good. I’m here to let you know The Sound Pantry Radio Network has officially taken to the skies. We are building out the network as (initially) a quartet of shows that will bring smiles down different aisles: Visiting with Uncle Abe Visiting with Uncle Abe takes […]

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