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GIMME FIVE: SAT, 1/16/21

Alright, let’s keep this train rolling! Today was a wonderful day…got to hang with mmy cubs for my 16-year-old Jeremiah’s birthday (small upside of Cil and I both having these Covid antibodies + my nephews being in full quarantine since the very beginning), got roasted for having the worst puns (even though I could see […]


I love dance music, man. Let me rewind…more specifically, I love DANCING. Since I was a little dude. Can’t get enough of it. My parents had VHS tapes full of me bussin’ a move at like 3 years old at all kinds of random events (shouts to Rent-a-Center for letting those memories get recorded in […]

GIMME FIVE: FRI, 1/15/21

I just spent a deeply life-affirming hour on my favorite blog and upon exiting Jason Kottke’s site I had an idea: WHAT IF EVERY DAY I DOCUMENTED THE FIVE THINGS THAT MADE ME THANKFUL TO BE ALIVE…EVEN IF A COUPLE OF THOSE FIVE THINGS MAY HAVE SEEMED ON THE SURFACE LIKE THEY SUCKED? I’ve always […]

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